About Me

I am a 28 year old mother of two with two teenage step kids and an adorable pit bull named Layla. My family and I live in New York city, and we have lots going around here all the time!

My husband is retired, and we both are very involved in the Buddhist and yoga communities here in New York, as well as in South America. We have also recently purchased an apartment in Brooklyn. It is beautiful and unique--the third floor of a turn of the century gentleman's social club that needs lots of work before we can move in. When we aren't running around doing yoga and meeting with architects, my husband spends two days a week in Connecticut with his older kids and I play in a wonderful orchestra and read lots of books.

As for the kids, my son is six, and he goes to a gifted program in a public school in Chinatown. His school is amazing, and he is completely immersed in Chinese culture there. He also suffers from life threatening food allergies, and recently we have decided to have our dog trained to be a service animal for him. So soon we will have a peanut-sniffing pit bull who will go everywhere with him to make sure he is safe. Other than that, my son is happy, healthy, and smart boy. He loves to play chess and he rides his bike whenever he can.

I also have a daughter who is a year and a half old. She pretty much spends her time playing in the dirt and eating whatever she can get her hands on...

I am starting this blog to write about my life--raising kids, living in the city, owning a dog, dealing with a child who has severe allergies, playing in an orchestra, recently purchasing an apartment, renovations, moving, travelling, and just living the day to day.

Hope you enjoy, and I hope that there is something here that everyone can relate to from time to time...